Buy Professor Gilbert Strang's Books in India

We courier books via DTDC, only in India. They are currently delivering to select locations

  • Introduction to Linear Algebra (ILA) : Differs from International edition, see here. Book cost = Rs. 1200

  • Linear Algebra and Learning from Data (LFD) : Same as International edition, see here. Book cost = Rs. 1200

  • Pack & deliver : ILA = Rs. 500 (approximately 1.3 kg); LFD = Rs. 300 (approximately 1 kg); both books, = Rs. 600

  • DTDC considers 1.3 kg equivalent to 2kg. Pandemic surcharge and high rates are linked to lockdown.

  • Individuals can only buy one copy of each book. Institutions, send us an email introducing yourselves

  • Payments are only accepted via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

  • Step 1 : Confirm DTDC can deliver to your address location

    • A. Go to

    • B. Put our origin pincode 400064 and your destination pincode

    • C. If Delivery Status for your location shows 'All Goods', you can receive books;

          Our location pickup status is 'Restricted Pick Up' : We can send but cannot receive, goods

    • D. If delivery service stops after you pay but before we dispatch, you can wait or ask for a full refund

  • Step 2 : Send an email to with this information

    • E. Confirm that DTDC can deliver from origin pincode 400064 to your destination pincode

    • F. Mention if you want to buy 'Introduction to Linear Algebra' and/or 'Linear Algebra and Learning from Data'

    • G. For delivery, mention your name, full postal address with PIN code, contact phone number

  • Step 3 : We will email you a book request form with your details, book details, our bank details

    • H. Verify all your details and book details are correct before transferring funds to our bank account via NEFT

    • I. Email a picture or e-copy of the transaction mentioning 12-digit Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number

  • Step 4 : Courier pick-up is at 4:00 p.m. (16:00 hours), Monday to Saturday

    • J. We try to send book(s) the day we receive payment (or next working day)

    • K. Average delivery time is one week from dispatch (may take more time due to lockdown restrictions)

    • L. We will email the invoice acknowledging receipt of funds, and mentioning the courier tracking number

  • Step 5 : You receive the book(s)

    • M. Send us an email acknowledging receipt of the book(s), and that everything is okay

    • N. Received book(s) with severe physical damage ? Email within 7 days of receiving book(s)

If you want a clarification or have a doubt not on our FAQ's page, email your query to